Saturday, March 5, 2011

Not So New

Let me start by saying that this is whole "blogging" gig is not new to me. I've been "blogging" for ten years now. But of course I've always called it journaling because I was using LiveJournal. Over the past ten years I have chronicled some major highs and lows of my life. Laid things out and have wasted people's time with my constant babble. At the time it was what connected me to friends near and far. It was the Facebook of a decade ago. But where you could have people read your deep dark journaling secrets. Or not.
The times have changed. People have shorter attention spans now. Life has become 'mobile' and we all walk around checking our email/texts/facebook/twitter from our phones. I don't claim I am any different. I am often seen sitting in the car nursing the baby scrolling through whatever has caught my eye for the moment on my phone. The fact that I even have to nurse in the car is testament to how my life has become more mobile. I didn't even have the guts to nurse in the car when our oldest was born.
But I've never been one to dwell on the past.... So as I was saying, for the past ten years I've been writing about life, love, and the pursuit of a perfect cocktail! The fact of the matter is, writing is something I've done as long as I can remember. When I was a kid I got a type writer and wrote stories. Nothing ever worthwhile, and goodness knows they are long since disintegrated (hopefully) in a landfill somewhere. But the writing has been the thing that has gotten me through the day. When I was in college, when I was handed a test I would freak out and do shitty. But if I was assigned a 20 page paper about the importance of the movie Amistad, man I could whip that sucker out in a day! 
My husband has always told me to sit down and write a book. That someday we'd retire off of my writing. As much as I love his believing in me I certainly don't see that in our future! (Not with the likes of the world these days.) I am just a plain old stay at home mom who has to drive her minivan from preschool, to private school to the over priced grocery store. The Mom who has to buy insoles for her Converse Chuck's because although they hurt like a bitch to wear, they are still sort of cool to run around town in, and God knows I can't be uncool! (That is sarcasm by the way. You'll get a lot of that here.)
This blog isn't just a new gig. It isn't a new way for me to make friends. Or find the answers to those unanswered questions my 4 year old often asks. Or to make a few bucks, although it would be nice too... It is a way for me to test the waters of writing again. Writing more with a purpose than just blabbing about my feelings. And most importantly it is for the possibility of me helping other Moms with three kids, or any amount of kids, to not feel that Mom-guilt when she pours herself a drink at the end of the day. And honestly it doesn't even have to be an alcoholic drink! I have one friend with three kids who can't go to bed, or finish her day without eating a super rich piece of good chocolate. (That is what living in Austria does to a person, they give you yummy treats and then send you back to the states!)
Wow. I think I've given myself a serious set up. I sure hope I don't fuck it up. I'd like to entertain, and keep you interested. Great. I just realized I have even more people relying on me!

Cocktail of the day: None. Just a few sips of husbands beer.

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  1. Looking forward to your writings! Even without kids, I love a good yarn, and you seem to spin them well. :)