Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Parenting or Control Freaking

So when does parenting become control freaking?

I try to be one of those parents that trusts her kids, and society as a whole. I don't believe that the world is out to get us. I don't believe that someone talking to my child means that they want to molest or steal my children. I believe the good is greater than the bad.

I don't see myself as untrusting at all....

Except when it comes to routines. I have come to be the person that I am by being in control. Control is what got me put on bed rest during the last three weeks of my last pregnancy. But I like to think that I am not the control freak that doesn't allow for flexibility. Sure I hate my husband doing the grocery shopping "No sweetie, the kids can't drink beer and eat ice cream for dinner. That is bad parenting."
But here is my dilemma; Now that we have three kids, I find people offering their help. I don't usually accept help. "Why do I need help?" "People don't need to help me!!" "I'm fine!"My husband has been telling me since I got pregnant "What is the harm in accepting help?" So I've slowly started to break down and accept.

Unfortunately I've had a few mishaps with these favors and it has caused me to back track about ten steps.  If I want something done correctly why on Earth wouldn't I do it myself? Nobody can parent our kids like we can right?

Today I had a cold stricken four year old home from school and a nine week old with nasty wind and rain outside. Around Noon I received a text that another parent could bring my daughter home from school. So I graciously accepted, as who wants to take a sick kid and a newborn out in the rain? Around 4PM I start checking my phone. I start calling the Mom. I start getting nervous. Who knows what crazy crap can happen in the rain right? The only place I didn't call was the school. And mainly because by 4:30PM I got a call from the schools aftercare program telling me that they had my daughter.
I felt so bad. Our daughter Evelyn is eight, but she too is a creature of routine. The apple hasn't fallen too far with this girl and she likes to know for certain what to expect after school. And Mommy messed up.

I called my husband and told him what happened and before he said he would go pick our girl up I asked "Am I allowed to go back to being a control freak now?"

Sweet husband has graciously accepted that things just go smoother when I am control freaking.

And out of the nervousness of not knowing where my daughter was I started craving chocolate which forced me to make a batch of brownies tonight. Who needs cocktails when you can over indulge in chocolate?

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  1. It's okay, we all mess up once in awhile.

    Chocolate makes everything better.